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Ireland is world's most globalised country for third year in a row. 13.03.04

Ireland and the world. 13.03.04

Benefits paid in 7 counties exceed tax take. G. Fiztgerald. 24.01.04

Redundancies in 2003 at highest level for 19 years. 10.01.04

Ireland is the 'fifth most free economy'. 10.01.04

Manufacturing sector must be protected - Intel. 12.01.04

State must build on the success of medical device industry. 12.01.04

How the new membership will affect us economically. 05.01.04

Better outlook for the economy. 02.01.04

On the one hand... and on the other.... 02.01.04

Slowdown seems more a blessing than curse.  02.01.04

ICTU calls for corporate tax harmonisation 02.01.04

Congress is predicting another decade of rapid change. 02.01.04

Excellence achieved, but a huge catch-up still require. M. Mansergh. 06/12/03

Rigorous social and economic analysis the way forward. 02/12/03

Budget changes may lure foreign firms to State. 05.12.03

Could higher taxation be the best solution to the State's problems. 01/12/03

Comings and goings are more than we thought. G. Fiztgerald. 08/11/03

'Tiger may bite back' on positive sentiment. Dan McLaughlin. 07/11/03

Loose thinking on Luas. 4.11.03

Key advice to Government is to keep spending - just try to do it better. 31.10.03

252,000 move to Ireland in last 6 years. Liam Reid. 31.10.03

Less is more as ESRI attacks spending record. 29.10.03

Jobs warning as farmers' EU pay link to production ends. 20.10.03

Spirit and optimism despite bleak statistics. 20.10.03

Scale of Immigration. 15.10.03

Forget GNP: education and health are the new issues for economists. 13.10.03

We want more bang for our spending buck. 10.10.03

ESRI's upbeat forecast may yet come to pass. 10.10.03

Economy facing into decade of turbulence. 10.10.03

Use Shannon for 5 million passengers. 7/10/03

Republic leads EU in health spending - journal. Kitty Holland. 29.09.03

Government must learn to stand back. 19.09.03

Good marks for education. 18.09.03

Pragmatism on jobs. 17.09.03

Minimum wage to be EU's third highest, says SFA. 09.09.03

Multinationals voice fears over new EU directives. 05.09.03

One-size-fits-all pay deal too rich for many firms. By Dr Dan McLaughlin. 17.01

Business weighs up whether it's a deal too far. 17.01.03

Republic must aim higher to attract foreign investment. 17.01.03

Fighting Inflation. 18/01/03

 Inflation rate set to reach 6 per cent in first quarter. 18/01/03

Staying competitive. 10.01.03

Agriculture's National Role. 10.01.03

 Irish exporters suffer as rise in euro value dents competitive advantage. 11.01.03

Charlie's Budget not very business friendly. 06/12/2002. David Kennedy  

Let's hope Finance has it wrong for next year.  Garret FitzGerald. 07/12/2002  

Economy left exposed as Budget lifts inflation above EU average. 07/12/2002

McCreevy could have borrowed more 05/12/2002. by Jim O'Leary

New era of tight packages is ushered in 05/12/2002

Department forecasts fiscal stability By Una McCaffrey. 5/12/02

EC approves of McCreevy's firm stand by A. beesley 5/12/02

From prudence to politics and back again for McCreevy. 30/11/02. by G. FitzGerald

Widening the gap between rich and poor was deliberate 28/11/2002. E. Fitzgerald.

Persisting with benchmarking will be our downfall By Ciaran Dolan 28/11/2002

Commission runs risk of politicising fiscal policy. 28/11/2002. C. McCarthy.

Favouring too many towns will ruin plan 28/11/2002 by F. McDonald  

On the road to ruin if McCreevy fails to read the signposts 26/11/2002

McCreevy must get balance right as he walks tightrope 25/11/2002

State set to top growth list in 2003 By Dominic Coyle 25/11/2002

Central Bank governor can still flex his fiscal muscles By Siobhán Creaton, (22

Over Here But Under Appreciated. 12/11/02

McCreevy's message is vote Yes to Nice for jobs, growth and investment. 23/09/02

Introduction of skilled workers is key to growth in economy. 03/09/02

Surviving a return hardship. 19/08/02

IMF report may err on optimistic side  by Jim O'Leary. 16/08/02

Pretending we're on top of the world.  13/08/02

Outlook is not all gloom and doom.  09/08/2002

ESRI warns on outloo for Irish inflation By Una McCaffrey. 26/07/02. 

Home to a nation of whingers. 02/08/02

High productivity and restrained wages vital for building industry. 02/08/02

FitzGerald says EU goodwill is crucial to State. 30/07/02

Government and social partners set parameters for any pay deal 26/07/2002

Battered consumers have reasons to be gloomy by Jim O'Leary. 26/07/02

Republic needs to recapture its competitive edge. by Pat Delaney 26/07/02

Recovery depends on the bigger picture and tough choices by Danny McCoy.  26/07/02  

Growth grinds to a halt in the last quarter of 2000. 1/05/200

Growth 'hinges' on strong euro. 29/04/02. 

Parties are anxious to prove their financial credentials. 29/04/02

Giant financial headache is in store for next government. by Garrret FiztGerald 27/04/02

Politicians say we must return to borrowing. 27/04/02

Years of 'Tiger' were more about catching up than tearaway growth. by Cormac O Grada 26/04/02

Immigration is not just about commerce. by Robert Watt 26/04/02

Can EU applicants ignore our slap in the face? By Garret FitzGerald (13/04/02)

Spending by FF is over the Rainbow! (11/04/02)

Report reveals fall in foreign investment as US firms slump (11/04/02)

State spending has lagged GDP growth (22/03/2002)

Another Ireland" (18/03/2002)

Ireland must change rapidly or endure paralysis

PPF pay increases still modest  

Uncharted seas beckon for the good ship Economy

Downturn will become yesterday's news  

Experts differ once again on what's in store for economy. 27/12/02

When it comes to developing a truly national motorway plan, less is more. by James Nix. 27/12/02

Pharmaceuticals drive export growth. 24/12/02

All indicators point to state of chassis in 2003. 13/12/02

Pact should not be allowed become an end in itself. 12/12/02. Jim O'Leary

Lessons from abroad should help us devise an equitable third-level system. 1/12




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