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Two views on Ireland’s economy and its integration 

into the European Union


Vanessa Boullet

Marie - Claire Considère - Charon

Since the second half of the 20th century, European integration and economic development have enabled to forge a new Ireland. Due to its extraordinary economic growth in the 90s, Ireland is no longer considered as a politically isolated, third-world country. Despite its handicaps, in the late 90s, the Emerald Isle converged rapidly on European standards, and even exceeded some of the wealthiest European countries. Parallel to this economic boom, Ireland is now seen as a significant member of the European Union.


Breaking news: Conference of  the French Society of Irish Studies (SOFEIR) : IRELAND : THE FESTIVE AND THE TRAGIC, Besançon (France) on March, 24 & 25, 2006 organised by Prof. M.C. Considère-Charon & Dr. Michel Savaric. Practical Information. Registration form.


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Research Areas

   Réflexions et Recherches sur l’intégration, d’une minorité à celle d’un Etat-nation dans le monde globalitaire

The study of the place of the protestant minority over the XXth century has revealed a series of adjustments of the dominant majority in the face of growing secularization. The transformation of Ireland over the last decades calls for an assessment of the evolution of society along with the role of a nation-state within a large entity whether it be the European Union or the global world. The dialectic between globalization and Ireland, immediately brings to mind the Celtic Tiger and the role of multinationals in Ireland, which have transformed the state into a global economic player. Ireland’s “taking off” could only be achieved thanks to the inflow of foreign capitals, mostly American, which place Ireland in the fifth position as a recipient of American direct investments.

One of the major challenges now for Ireland is how to sustain a substantial level of development, which implies less dependence on north American investments.  


   Analysis of Contemporary Economic Development in Ireland (1958-2000) 

Studying the economic strategies implemented between 1958 and 2000 by the Irish authorities is an innovative approach to the complete transformation of the Irish economy. In this PhD, I analyse whether there could be a link between the development strategies implemented by the different governments and economic prosperity. I also attempt to examine to what extent economic development policies voted in the late fifties played a large part in Ireland’s economic transformation – the Celtic Tiger phenomenon. Thus this PhD is aimed at understanding: why Ireland, this small island to the West and the periphery of the European continent, experienced such a development, such a growth after years and decades of failure, underdevelopment and recession.

  • MPhil Dissertation : Overseas Companies in Ireland in the Electronics Industry : Profile, Motivations and Impacts 

  • PhD : Irish Economic Development 1958-1973 Reseach started in November 2000.

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    The Irish Times

    A daily economic supplement, special reports. Go there on Fridays to read "seven days" about the Irish economy. (premium content subscription).

    The Irish Independent

    Largest circulation of the Irish quality papers. Good economic supplement. 

    The Irish examiner

    Used to be the Cork examiner. It is the third quality papers.

    The Sunday Business Post

    A site which is more business than economic.

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    Bank of Ireland : A very thorough site.

    Central Statistics Office Ireland : State statistical agency. 

    Department of Finance : Government Department of Finance.

    Enterprise Ireland : Agency for indigenous industry (i.d. Irish companies).

    Forfas : The national policy and advisory board for enterprise and trade.

     ESRI : Independent research group, specialised on social sciences and economics.

    IDA  : Responsible for foreign direct investment by overseas industry in Ireland.

    NESC : "The Council was established in 1973. Its main tasks are to advise the Government on the development of the national economy and the achievement of social justice."

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